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“The Gulkula Regional Training Centre will be a leading provider of work readiness programs to Indigenous Australians,” Klaus Helms, CEO

We want to develop the skills of 18 to 25 year old Yolngu men and women. Soon, we will open the Gulkula Regional Training Centre where we will train recruits for 17 weeks providing them with the experience they need to gain employment.

Located 40km from Nhulunbuy on the Central Arnhem Road, the industries taught include extraction (mining), civil construction, building construction, hospitality and administration.



Training Program


5 days:  Move in. Goal setting and workplace health and safety.   2 days: Rest

Training Rotations

10 days: Rotation – Extraction and mining    4 days: Rest

10 days: Rotation – Civil construction             4 days: Rest

10 days: Rotation – Building construction      4 days:  Rest

10 days: Rotation – Hospitality and catering  4 days: Rest

10 days: Rotation – Administration                  4 days: Rest

1 day: Graduation


Training with one industry:  

5 days: Week 1 on the job 2 days: Rest

5 days: Week 2 on the job 2 days: Rest

5 days: Week 3 on the job 2 days: Rest

5 days: Week 4 on the job 2 days: Rest

5 days: Week 5 on the job 2 days: Rest

5 days: Week 6 on the job 2 days: Rest







Trainees will be rewarded with a $5,000 bonus payment if, post-graduation, they remain in employment for up to six months.

Payments are made after:

1 month of work – $1000

3 months of work – $1000

4 months of work – $1000

5 months of work – $1000

6 months of work – $1000



To join you must be eligible for Centrelink. If you are eligible, you need to apply below and complete a workshop.


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